Declarations by organizations and institutions
Statements that not only express a viewpoint, but place blame on a wrongdoer and/or declare an intent to take action
LDS Church's Statement Condemning Anti-Semitism
After a gruesome act of violence that occurred at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh in 2018 droves of institutions were releasing official statements of solidarity and support, especially other religious institutions. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints was one such institution. The LDS church came out with a statement which stated “[they] condemn the environment of hate-filled rhetoric that has become so prevalent,” and that “It is the responsibility of good people everywhere to speak out and stand up for each other’s rights to worship and live peacefully.”
Joint Statement Condemning Cambodian Government
On August 23rd, 2017, the Cambodian foriegn ministry released a statement that ordered the National Democratic Institute in Phnom Penh to cease activities and release their foriegn members. Despite this, the Cambodian citizens felt that the government was perpetuating a pattern of harassment, and the Asian Network for Free Elections released their own statement that outlines harassment towards the media, and calls for a change within the government. The statement reads “This includes the inquiry into the activities and threats against members of a coalition of election monitoring and human rights organizations known as the Situation Room, and the legal actions against independent media institutions such as the Cambodia Daily, Voice of America, and Radio Free Asia.” Several networks banned together in support of the statement, and used their voices to fight against the injustices within the government's system.
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