Distributing Dissenting Leaflets and Pamphlets
Distributing written material to express dissent or opposition
Did You Order This War?
While the distribution of leaflets have been a staple of many grassroots campaigns for quite a while due to their cost effectiveness and ease of distribution, recent campaigns such as anti-war activists in the 1980s have provided demonstrators with new, creative, forms of pamphlet distribution. These American demonstrators found their campaign the most effective when dressed up as waiters at restaurants and spontaneously approaching people with the question “Did you order this war?” When the person would say no, they would provide a list of the costs of war and their pamphlet. Innovative ways to distribute pamphlets can be found in various campaigns in recent times, often surrounding a specified medium of pamphlet distribution. Using flair and theatrics to deliver pamphlets give the organization a way to present their message in a forum other than their inscribed information, turning the leaflet distributor into an advertisement themselves.
KCEU Protest Camp in Brussels
On November 21, 2016, Kashmir Council Europe (KCEU) organized a camp in Brussels, the capital of Belgium, to protest against constant lockdown imposed by Indian authorities in occupied Kashmir. The one-day camp with a banner titled “108 Day of Curfew in Occupied Kashmir” was organized in front of European Union’s External Action Service at Schuman Square in EU’s headquarters, Brussels. During the camp, the organizers distributed brochures highlighting the Kashmir dispute and the prevailing grim situation due to continued restrictions and grave human rights violations being perpetrated by Indian troops in occupied Kashmir. The leaflets said that it was 108 days now that India had imposed curfew in the occupied Kashmir Valley, where the public were facing immense difficulties.
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