Hunger strikes
Fasting with clear demands with intent of coercion, sometimes life-threatening
Former Guard Launches Hunger Strike
The company Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) seemed committed to maintaining the status quo when they purchased two halfway houses in San Diego in 2013. A former CCA guard, Mark Barlett, said CCA's acquisition led to cutbacks in staff, food an programming meant to help inmates reintegrate into the community. Barlett kicked off a hunger strike in July of 2016 to protest poor conditions at Ocean View reentry facility. He and a group of local activists listed demands, with their top priority being San Diego County end its contacts with CCA. Barlett said he would not eat until the demands were met.
Djibouti Prisoners Fast for Rights
In 1998, members of the Front for the Restoration of Unity and Democracy (FRUD) were arrested by the Djiboutian government because of their open criticism. Thus, they were sent to Gabode Prison, where the conditions were abysmal. Lacking in food supplies, clean water, electricity, and cramped living conditions, the prison was overfilled and undersupplied. The members of FRUD led the hunger strike which was joined by over 200 prisoners in protest of the inhumane conditions. Soon, the hunger strike led to the government allowing prisoners access to the Red Cross and fair trials to release political and innocent detainees. Furthermore, international human rights organizations began to publicize the issue and were joined by Amnesty International and the United Nations in ensuring humane treatment for prisoners at Gabode prison.
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